I like the tone of Kalliopi's voice - it has unusual quality. Also like the raw sounding guitars on the tracks and I think the poppy edge could mean that it has the potential for mainstream success. ”

— Fran Smith - Shockradio.co.uk

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Kalliopi is a classically trained actress and singer turned Rock singer-songwriter!
Coming from Greece,
she brings rocking power and pop sensibility together. Her music has a pop flavour with a punky vibe. Punkish nuanses combined with the raw sounding rock guitars. Her sound has been described as 'reminiscent of some of Cranberries work', of U2, as a 'mixture of Madonna meets the band Garbage' and Blondie meets Pink. 

Her latest single “Fire and Sea” and her album AROUND THE WORLD  were recorded at Vox Studio in Athens, by Aris Binis and Theodore Darmas. They range from upbeat pop rockers with dominant, aggressive vocals
to melodic slow grinders and ballads, where vocals become more breathy, smooth and whispery.
 She was very lucky to bring together some of the best musicians, Spyros Kontakis on the guitars, Alkis Missirlis on the drums,
Barry Zealy on the bass and and backing vocals.
The mixing was by Alex Newport, and the mastering by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Mastering, NY. 

In Greece she started off as an actress, playing lead parts in numerous productions
in the theatre for quite a few years. At some point though she decided to embark on a singing career
working from piano restaurants, to clubs and live venues singing jazz, latin and greek music, pop, disco and became a quite versatile singer. 

She supported major pop-rock artist in Greece - Christos Dantis - on his Greek and European tours,
for almost three years and formed a band with his musicians called ‘Minima’.
That was a great opportunity to make her first steps into songwriting and they released an album at Lyra/MBI Records.            

In discography, she collaborated with producer Coti K. and Kostas Parissis in the 
Remix of Lena Platonos that was released by FM Records.  
The album was produced by Konstantin B. She put in distinctive airy/breathy vocals,
improvising melodies in the song called ‘Roumanian Emigrants’.
It was a project of electronic music that went also live at Rodon Club, the biggest rock venue in Athens.
She was also featured as a guest singer by several bands Apontes, H3, Oi Drapetes. 

Kalliopi has travelled to London twice. The first time was for theatre and the second for music.
She was in a band singing covers around pubs and bars. At that time she also started to write some of the songs of the album
that she performed in various venues in London, like Betsew Trotwood, Rock Garden, Pop Bar, Infinity Club,
George and Dragon and the Hope & Anchor and learned some guitar playing.
As a multi-lingual artist, she’s got a great ear for languages writing English and also French lyrics. 
She released a single that also included a Dusty Springfield cover - Summer is over which received quite a few great reviews.

In 2014 she was offered to write the music for a musical theatre production of Oliver Twist 
at the Theatron Technis Karolos Koun, also playing the part of Nancy and in 2017, she wrote many songs for a new theatrical play “Mac Beth’s House” with lyrics from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.

Kalliopi is influenced by a wide range of artists including The Rolling Stones, U2, Joan Jett, Blondie, The Kinks, The Carpenters,
Madonna,Garbage, Nirvana, The Cranberries, David Bowie, Alanis Morissete, Joy Division, The Clash, White Stripes.

At the moment she’s working on new songs and more music videos.